Github bot for identifying On-hold SATD

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Q: Can the FixMe bot scale if theFixMe bot would get adopted widely?
A: Yes, the FixMe bot could support a push-based approach rather than re-checking all issues periodically in the future. However, currently, the FixMe bot provides schedule options including every 1 day, every 2 day, every 3 day, and every 4 day for users to receive GitHub issue notifications.
Q: Is FixMe bot detect only comments that are preceded by “TODO”?
A: FixMe bot adopts the machine learning model proposed by Maipradit et al. It can detect code comment patterns and then predict whether it is On-hold or not On-hold. FixMe bot does not thus only detect the comments preceded with “TODO”.
Q: Which keywords in code comment can mostly refer to On-hold SATD?
A: From the study by Maipradit et al., the keywords such as “TODO”, “workaround”, “temporary fix”, and “remove” could refer to On-hold SATD comment.